February 23-25, 2018

TribalCon Performer Info


You have been accepted to perform at TribalCon 2018!

ALL PERFORMERS, INCLUDING TEACHERS, MUST FILL OUT THE BELOW FORM. If you do not fill this form out the many, many TribalCon staff people that use the info contained in the form for many, many purposes will not know you are in the show. 

TribalCon means "Tribal-Con"vention. All performers are either workshop participants or teachers. You can also volunteer for 6 hours and perform. As a "convention" the point is that all people that are performing are the people you are standing next to at workshops, sitting next to at lunch, volunteering with on food runs, etc…. TribalCon has always been unique in this to build the community over the weekend. You WILL feel the difference. It feels different than a regular workshop weekend or festival where people are coming and going.

Please send your recorded music to: performer.music@tribalcon.com (due by Jan 31, 2018)

LIVE MUSIC: You are able to select Recorded or Live Music performance via the Information submission link. If you are performing to LIVE MUSIC you must FIRST contact Al Cofrin at acofrin@gmail.com to select your song. You must select your song by the middle of December so that the musicians can share and learn it.


Please note that you must submit all necessary information in this form by January 15th in order to keep your spot.

Questions? Please read the Performer FAQ to see if your question is answered there:

https://tribalcon.com/apps/help-center (at the bottom of the page)

If it is not, follow the instructions there for whom to ask.

We look forward to seeing you at TribalCon 14 February, 2018!

Ziah and the TribalCon Staff