February 23-25, 2018

Newbie Advice

Many newbies have contacted us asking what to expect:

First read the General TribalCon FAQ, then if you are performing read the Performer's FAQ.

Words of wisdom gathered from past TribalCon attendees:

  • “Pace yourself, listen to your body. If you are hungry or have some kind of unusual pain, take care of it. If you are "tired" or "sore", keep dancing because how often do you get to do this! Also don’t get too overzealous with notes, sometimes too much note taking can get in the way of actually learning.” -Zoe Jakes
  •  Bring your own water bottle and fill it up at the water stations
  • Check the weather before you pack, bring lots of layers in case the weather changes or temperatures are different from room to room
  • Bring Dance shoes, you will be surprised at how much this helps your endurance so that you get more out of the weekend.
  • DON’T skip the parties, very few of us have access to live music often and making that joyful connection is worth its weight in rubies
  • Bring a yoga mat
  • Take Monday off, seriously
  • Bring shoes that slip on and off easily
  • Be sure to check out the restaurant guide for all the food in the area
  • There is a list in your packet of quick foods the hotel will be providing throughout the day
  • Make sure you keep yourself properly fed, hydrated, physically healthy, and uninjured!
  • Save plenty of money for the awesome assemblage of vendors and shop early in the weekend before everyone else gets their grubby hands on what you want!
  • Train the body and mind to remember moves rather than taking a ton of notes
  • Be mindful of everyone taking the class; best quote from a past instructor to the room in general, "Shut up means I love you". meaning, if you're talking, you're not listening to the instructor and the person you are talking to can't hear them either, and quite possibly might really want to be listening to the instruction going on.
  • Bring knee pads for floor work classes
  • Eat smart = fuel yourself with things you know your body needs; if you eat a bunch of crap, you’ll be miserable
  • Once the weekend is over, apply what you have learned sooner rather than later (practice it and drill it)
  • Don't be afraid to walk up to dancers you have seen around, respect, or have wanted to meet. Introduce yourself, ask questions, talk.
  • If you really love a combo you learned whip out your smart phone and have someone video you doing it after class so you have it captured
  • Bring: Emergen-C, Advil/headache med, snacks, money for a massage, favorite caffeinated beverage, extra layers, yoga mat, hip scarf without jingles, your instrument if you play one, earplugs, open mind, open heart, hugging arms, eager feet and hips.
  • Remember to drink water
  • Join the awesome community of live music and dance by dancing at the haflas! It's not every night dancers have access to such great authentic music and camaraderie!
  • Leave your self-judgement and fear at home
  • Definitely start taking echinacea, goldenseal, and oil of oregano a day before as preventive measures.
  • Don't be afraid to sit down in a quiet corner to soak it all in.
  • Be open and spread your love around, you'll get it back ten-fold.
  • Mark your water bottle so you can distinguish it from others, use those to fill up at the water stations. Try to NOT fill the garbage can up with disposable cups.
  • Keep up with your stuff and check the lost and found before you leave TribalCon...you may not know you are missing something yet
  • Smile and make friends, there are plenty to make. Get over the “Everybody is so clique-y” mentality....those people laughing together were strangers before they said "hi".
  • If you need to take a break, don't feel bad about it...go visit the vendors, grab a snack or sit down in one of the other classrooms to listen.
  • Don't forget to bring your sense of humor!! Also, just be in the moment while you are there -- don't worry about how dorky you think you look or how stupid you feel. Also, bring eyedrops (especially if you wear contact lenses) and LIP BALM!!! Of course, if you forget those (or many other similar items), there is a Kroger (Grocery store with a 24/hr pharmacy) nearby

So in general don't leave your common sense at the door! Drink plenty of water, eat plenty of food and take care of your body so you can play hard. The biggest rookie mistake is not taking Monday off because you will not get plenty of rest during TribalCon.