February 23-25, 2018


Na’la’s choreography and personal style grew from a fusion of all her past experiences. She has studied with many teachers across the US and in Europe, and has completed the Sahara Dance’s Bellydance teacher training in 2010. She has also completed the SEED’s (Self-Esteem, Empowerment, and Education through Dance) teacher training course in 2016, and the Paraprofessional Counseling Course in 2017. She is honored to be a teacher in such a vibrant and inspiring dance community, and has a special interest in Sacred Movement and participating in Council Shares. (Ask her for more info!) Na'la's not so secret hope is that her students will incorporate what they learn into their own artistic dance expression, and feel more connected to their bodies through movement. She looks forward to being a student for the rest of her life and sharing her joy of learning with her students.


Classes with Na'la:

Slacker Bog Yoga: (Not Yoga) #NotInTheBog #FestivalLife

Festival Life usually means taking or teaching classes all day while squeezing in rehearsals, meals, and life-altering conversations, then preparing for a night of performances and hitting the halfa to enjoy the flow that live music provides. We festival-goers demand so much from our bodies, and Slacker Bog Yoga is a way to give back. Set your alarm, wake up, grab your coffee and some breakfast to-go, and come meet Na’la in the studio.  Together, we will set up the space to give your body something it is probably asking for; your time, your attention, your breath, and some tried and true body maintenance. Slacker Bog Yoga (not yoga) is based on the OIOC Physical Therapy program (open sourced) out of NYU.  This specific PT program concentrates on the breath filled stabilization of the pelvis, spine and shoulders, while mindfully stretching the legs, hips and torso. Slacker Bog Yoga has been tested on *many* different types of bodies; all genders, a wide range of ages, bodies with different injuries and disabilities, bodies that dance, play instruments, set up stages, run marathons, or sit all day at the office. This program was designed to restore us so we can live our best lives at Tribal Con and go do all the things!