February 23-25, 2018


The adults have their con, we have ours.


KidsCon is run by a board of kids whose parents run or help run TribalCon. Those kids thought that if the adults could run a convention, why not us? KidsCon is small, just one room, but getting bigger and more organized every year. At KidsCon, we choose our teachers and vendors very carefully, to make sure you only get the best. KidsCon is run by Ava, who is also staff for TribalCon, and a lifelong student of the Awalim Dance Company. KidsCon is also run by Aeri, who is the daughter of Mari Baker, Ziah Ali’s (producer of TribalCon) best friend, and she is Ava’s best friend. For  info on this year’s teachers, vendors, and staff, read more about it below.