February 23-25, 2018


Saturday 2018 Show Ticket is included in Early Bird & Tier 1 Full Weekend Passes.

Show will be held at the Avondale Towne Cinema; DOORS OPEN AT 7PM!!!

Saturday Show Lineup:

Piny & Leo Orchidacea, Lisbon, Portugal, Instructor
Donna Mejia of CO, Instructor
Aziz of Salt Lake UT, Instructor
Na'la of VA, Instructor
Madame Onça O’leary of VA, Instructor
Awalim Dance Company, GA
Jaia and Friends TN and beyond
Majda, GA
Pamela Luedtke & Anna Nummelin, WI
Aziza Nawal, GA
Devin Alfather, TX
Magnolia, GA
Hilary Pierce and William Walker, PA
Jaylee, MA
Oracle, Canada
Raqs Razi, GA
The Pop-up Project, TN
Atlanta SEEDs Inc. GA
Yoni Biyé, WV
Heidi Baila, GA
Barefoot Truth, ME
Kendra Katz, CA
Paulo Garbanzo, VA
Georgia Salimpour Collective, GA

and the TribalCon Orchestra: Al Cofrin, Denys Proteau, Kazuki Kozuru-Salifoska, Kylie Hilali, Majda Anwar, Teejei, & Christy Smith

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