February 23-25, 2018

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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

What is TribalCon?

When and where will TribalCon take place?

What is TribalCon's history?

Are you going to mail me a ticket?

Where do I park?

How much is parking?

What classes are going to be taught at TribalCon 2018?

When are the performances?

Will there be vendors?

Am I allowed to take videos at TribalCon?

Am I allowed to take still pictures at TribalCon?

What restaurants are around the hotel?

Can I write a check to pay for TribalCon?

I paid for TribalCon with a check, but the payment has not gone through yet. Am I still registered?

How do I register for TribalCon?

How do I get a refund?

What grocery stores and/or natural food stores are near the hotel?

Where is the closest MARTA station (public transportation)?

Registration FAQ

Where do I mail my check?

How does the tier system work?

Are show tickets included in my pass?

When is my payment due?

Do you offer payment plans?

What are my payment options?

Are you going to mail me a ticket?

How do I get a refund?

Performer FAQ

How do I apply to perform at TribalCon?

Where can I buy photos of my performance?

Is there only a performance on Saturday night?

Do I have to take workshops to perform?

Where do I send the information for the show program?

Is the show being recorded and will there be a DVD of it for sale?

What size is the stage? What is the dancing surface?

Is there a time when I can run through my piece onstage?

Can I enter from stage right or left?

What time do I need to be backstage dressed and ready to go so I can check in with a stage manager? Where and who do I check in with?

Do I need to stay in costume for a curtain call at the end of the show?

Where is the dressing room? How do I get from the dressing room to backstage?

When is my performance music due?

Still have questions? Ask the Stage Manager!