*Please send ALL payments and questions regarding vending to vendors@tribalcon.com*

How much does it cost to vend?

You pay for your vending space for the entire weekend.  The cost is $150 for a single 6’x30” table with no floor space, $250 for a 6’x6’ space, and $350 for a 8’x8’ space.

How do you become a vendor at TribalCon?

You can fill out an application here.

We do jury our event in order to have a wide variety of vendors and so that you make the most of your time there. It is first come first served… Don’t delay in submitting your application!

When will set up begin?

The earliest you will be able to set up is at 6pm Thursday afternoon.  Lori Neves will have your spaces marked out for you in tape with the number of tables you requested set inside. She will be available for any questions setting up.

What does my vendor fee include?

For each 6×6 or 8×8 space rented, you will receive one 6 foot table (upon request) and one chair (upon request).

We do not provide racks.

I need an additional table, what is the cost?

The rental fee for any additional tables is $25 per table.

How do I pay?

You can pay PayPal to vendors@tribalcon.com or make a check to Lisa McKinney and mail to P.O. Box 1394, Pine Lake, GA 30072

When do I pay?

Vendors fees are due in full by March 6, 2017. Once you are accepted (juried in) we will not assign your booth space in the vendor layout until you have paid. We will keep taking applications and if someone juried in pays before you, they will get priority.

How do I obtain wall space or an electrical outlet?

This must be requested upon registration, we do recommend you registering as early as possible, these spots go early!  Please note that these are requests and not guaranteed!

What rules are there about my set up?

Decorations may only be made with non-marking tape – no tacks, nails, screws, etc in the walls and no tape on the floor (we will have special tape to lay over electric cords.)  Decorations and products must stay within the taped guidelines for your assigned space, no exceptions!

I looked at the floorplan and all my tables are squished together, why?

When registering for your 6×6 or 8×8 space, you are renting floor space. What you choose to do with that space and how you decide to set up the tables in your designated area is entirely up to you.

When registering for a table space, you are ONLY renting a SINGLE 6’x30” table and a single chair, with NO FLOOR SPACE.  All of your merchandise must be contained on the table top.

Can I sell my wares during the Friday & Saturday night performances?

Vending will be closed during the show but you may open to sell before the show, during intermission, and after the show.

So, when are the amazing parties?

As far as selling time goes there is a concert/meet & greet hafla on Friday evening when lots of people will be shopping and there is plenty of time before, during intermission and after the Saturday show for show attendees to shop. The After Party is at the hotel this year in the large ballroom where the class and show will be taking place. You are not required to stay open for the After Party, please just have your tables covered for when you are not open.

What time do I have to be closed up Sunday?

You need to have everything packed into your vehicle and out of the building at 7 pm Sunday.