Friday Show

Donna Mejia

Wildcard Bellydance


Kamille of RockaBelly

Awalim Dance Company/ Oriental Tribal Style

Madame Onça O’Leary

Raqs Razi

Majda’s Student Troupe

Majda Anwar



Longing: Jules, Ziah, Elle, and Robyn

Sabeeya Sun

Jaki, Laura, Erin

Browncoat Bellydance


Emerald Hips Student Troupe


ShoFusion Dance Collective

Cyndi Cyreigna Elliott

Anna Nummelin & Pamela Luedtke


Saturday Show

April Rose

Karolina Lux

Aaliyah Jenny

Heidi Hernandez 

Georgia Salimpour Collective

Aziza Nawal

ATS All Skate


Dana Beaufait 

Lotus SEEDs

Madame Onça O’Leary

Alhib Hub 

Hilary Pierce 

Umbra Fusion Bellydance

Susan B

Southern Trance Tribal

Northside Tribe 

Jenny Nichols

SoBo Sisters

Devin Alfather

The shall collective

Awalim Repertory Dance Company 

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We will not have pre-show buffets this year. Our new hotel has a restaurant that will be open before the shows.

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