Registration FAQ

Where do I mail my check?

You must register first on the TribalCon website! Once we receive your check/money order payment, you will be marked as paid. Please make all checks payable to: Awalim Dance Company
Awalim Dance Company
PO Box 1394
Pine Lake, GA 30072

Please DO NOT make checks out to TribalCon!!!!

How does the Tier system work?

Each tier has full weekend dance/music passes, or individual day passes, etc. and has different pricing, which is based on purchase date (i.e. July 1 through September 30, pricing ends at 11:59pm EST). All pricing is listed on the registration pricing page.

Are show tickets included in my pass?

Show tickets are only included with a purchase of an Early Bird or Tier 1 FULL WEEKEND PASS. If you did not register for one of these, you will need to purchase show tickets separately. There is a combo price for buying both shows. There is no “main show”, both shows have live music as part of them and the teachers perform in both. A list of who is performing in which show will be posted about a month or so before TribalCon.

When is my payment due?

Full payment is preferred at time of purchase. However, if you’d like to defer your payment, you can choose “CHECK” as your payment method and your payment will be deferred for 30 days. After 30 days, we your purchase is subject to cancellation. If you have any questions, please email our registration coordinator:

Do you offer payment plans?

Due to the size of the event, we do not offer payments plans. However, if you’d like to discuss a payment plan with our registration coordinator, you can email her at If you’re interested in workstudy, please email Sarah.

What are my payment options?

You can pay online via credit card in full or send a check/money order. If you’d like to send a check/money order payment, please see instructions below:

Please make all checks payable to: Awalim Dance Company

Awalim Dance Company
PO Box 1394
Pine Lake, GA 30072

Please DO NOT make checks out to TribalCon!!!!

Can I attend the Live Music After Party for the Friday and Saturday night shows even if I only bought a Friday, Saturday or Sunday pass?

Yes, just make sure you have your badge with you.

Are you going to mail me a ticket?

No, you will be sent nothing in the mail. You will check in for the workshops when you arrive at the TribalCon registration desk. Registration starts early Thursday evening in the front lobby of the hotel. You can also check in at the beginning of each day. Show tickets can be picked up when you check in for your workshops or before each show.

How do I get a refund?

There are no refunds unless the event is canceled. If you have paid and are unable to attend you can go to our Facebook page and post that you have workshop spots to sell; also contact us since we may have someone who has just contacted us about wanting to attend. The passes are always at a premium in January and February because the event sells out early and people are looking for any extra passes! When you sell your spot please contact us with their name, address, phone number and email address to replace yours in the database and so they have an event badge with their name and city on it. If you sell yours after we close online registration, then they will just check in under your name since the badges will already be printed.