Performer FAQ

Thank you for wanting to perform at TribalCon! Your time and effort is well appreciated!

Where can I buy photos of my performance?

Portrait sessions and live photography during both shows will be done by The Dancers Eye. Please visit this page for more information and to contact Carrie directly about your sessions or live performance photos!

How do I apply to perform at TribalCon?

The performers are selected by a jury. The application to perform can be found HERE.

Is there a performance on Friday and Saturday night?

Yes, there are two shows with both LIVE and RECORDED music now. You will be contacted by the Stage Manager and Ziah to designate which show you are in. Neither show is the “main show”, they will be arranged by flow.

Do I have to take workshops to perform?

TribalCon means Tribal-Convention. All performers are either workshop participants or teachers. You can also volunteer for 6 hours and perform. As a convention the point is that all people that are performing are the people you are standing next to at workshops, sitting next to at lunch, volunteering with on food runs, etc…. TribalCon has always been unique in this to build the community over the weekend. You WILL feel the difference. It is different than a regular workshop weekend, or festival where people are coming and going.

When do I send the information for the show program?

WHEN YOU ARE ACCEPTED, you will be emailed a link to a Google Form to collect the information. We need to have everyone’s performance information by Feb 26, 2017.

Is the show being recorded and will there be a DVD of it for sale?

There will be no DVD for sale but your individual performance will be available for upload. Please fill out this form in order to get a copy of your performance.

What size is the stage? What is the dancing surface?

The stage is 20′ deep by 24′ wide, approx 2 foot high,  made out of 4′ by 4′ sections covered in wood painted black and duct taped so that the edges between the squares are as flush as possible. Please remember that if you are performing with musicians to take into account how much of the stage they will take up.

Is there a time when I can run through my piece onstage?

Unfortunately the answer to that is “No” since it is in the same room as the dance classes during the day. There is a short window of opportunity during the lunch hour and the breaks but please DO NOT shoo the teacher off the stage if she is answering questions or selling merchandise. If you are performing to Live Music then tech time is on Thursday evening. The tech crew will be in contact you about that.

Can I use fire or live camels as part of my dance piece?

No spun or flung fire is not permitted. Only bowls and candles are allowed and only if advance preparations are made, we must contact the county fire marshals (they LOVE coming to our shows! yay!). Live camels are not allowed at this time.

Can I enter from stage right or left?

You can only enter and exit stage right, sound equipment and/or musicians take up stage left.

What time do I need to be backstage dressed and ready to go so I can check in with a stage manager? Where and who do I check in with?

The show will begin promptly at 8pm so please check in backstage with the Stage Manager or Assistant by 7:40 if you are performing in the first half of the show. If you are performing in the second half of the show and wish to watch the show: please wear a cover-up and wait in line for a seat and check in with the Stage Manager after having acquired your seat. If you do watch the show; please come backstage 3 performers before you are due to perform. Please ask the Stage Manager or her assistant  any questions that you might have as early in the weekend as possible so they can be focused on the show that night and not last minute trouble shooting. Please bring backup music with you, label it distinctly and leave it at the sound table in the box, technology loves to play havoc with shows!

Do I need to stay in costume for a curtain call at the end of the show?

Yes, Please stay in costume to be called on-stage as we have a photo opportunity for the entire show…they are always great photos!!!!

Where is the dressing room? How do I get from the dressing room to backstage?

We will be using the Music class space as the dressing room for Friday and Saturday night.  Please bring mirrors if you need them. Backstage is accessible by a long hallway used by service personnel. When you check in at registration feel free to ask for a little tour. The room will not be free until 6pm when classes are over. Please bring mirrors if you need them. Please CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF! We are all adults and we should know by now to not leave bobby pins, eye shadow smears and empty cans of hairspray laying about.

Backstage is accessible by a long hallway used by service personnel. Please look for signs to backstage or ask the Stage Manager during the day for a tour and directions.

Standard backstage etiquette should be observed like being quiet in both voice and costume (Yes, our tribal costumes tend to be very loud!). Make sure you collect all your belongings from back stage. If you cannot find something there will be a lost and found box at the registration desk.

Yay! You made it to the end of the long list of Frequently Asked Performer Questions! Please make sure each of your dancers reads this note all the way through to save any confusion, we want everyone to have an amazing a time at TribalCon. Please refrain from asking Ziah questions about the show during TribalCon, the Stage Manager has any answers that you might need during the event. Any complex questions that you feel Ziah needs to answer should be asked at the time you are accepted into the show. Ziah has a common saying: “I hear TribalCon is a great event, I would love to go sometime”, which basically means don’t expect her brain to work during the event.