Dancer, designer, community builder, director, choreographer

Ziah Ali, Director of Awalim Dance Company, is an internationally recognized Tribal bellydance performer, instructor, and event producer. Her dynamic style is technically complex, historically informed, musically sensitive, and keeps the pure joy of bellydance front and center in every performance.

Originally studying in Houston, TX 20 years ago Ziah spent five years as a true camping nomad, traveling the nation studying with any teacher she came across while watching this thing called Tribal emerge. Her studies in Persian, Rajisthani, North African, Turkish Rom, and Egyptian styles fused well with Tribal’s folkloric aesthetic and she was glad to find others that liked coins more than bugle beads. 
Since putting down roots in Atlanta, Georgia in 1999, Ziah has worked to cultivate a community of well-informed and ethical dancers in the region. This total commitment to professionalism, sustainable technique, artistic discipline, and endurance has shaped the face of Tribal in the Southeast and beyond. In addition to her dance company, Awalim, Ziah maintains both an ongoing local teaching practice and a student dance company, Banat Almeh.
Ziah is the founder and producer of TribalCon, her innovative and award-winning annual Tribal festival. Her critically acclaimed “Yalla! Yalla!” DVD features Awalim live at the Georgia Ren Faire.

Yip Podcast – Interview with Ziah

Classes with Ziah

Exotic Makeup For Plain Faces: How to make yourself look dramatic for the stage
Beyond just making your features not disappear in stage lighting, what do you do with a perfectly ordinary face in this extremely exotic world dance form with ornate jewelry and costuming? Using her theater tech background, Ziah is a perfectly ordinary person who has made her living being the most interesting person in the room for the past 20 years.

Aging in Bellydance Panel:
A lively discussion on all aspects of what it means to be an old fart in the arts.

Orientale Tribal Style – “OTS”:
An Oriental Style created by Ziah and the Awalim Dance Co based on the ATS® Format. Are you an Orientale/Cabaret style dancer and always wanted the same group improvisational tools that ATS® dancers have? This language is great for group restaurant and live band performances. Now you can explore the music and dance on the fly with your Cabaret buddies. Also great for integrating into your ATS® dialect! For this workshop, Ziah and Awalim will share both ATS® related and original OTS moves developed by Awalim.