WildCard BellyDance Is… A professional troupe of Tribal Style belly dancers, teaching and performing in Sonoma County, California and around the world. This group of powerhouse women have been dancing together since 2005, bonded through their love of dance and passion for ATS®. In 2008, they created WildCard BellyDance in a desire to explore the boundaries and push beyond the borders creating their own unique ITS (Improv Tribal Style) format.
WildCard BellyDance is well known for their dynamic performances, which include the use of finger cymbals and battle ready scimitars, their colorful, eclectic costuming, and their use of traditional folkloric as well as high-energy world-beat music. Their unique format for both fast and slow movement integrates scimitar work, both right and left hip leading, dynamic spins, deep level changes and drops, floor work and laybacks. Their energy, passion, connection with one another, and joy of dance radiates through their performances, and is most evident in their smiling faces.
WildCard BellyDance ITS moves and cues are ATS® friendly.

Classes with WildCard Bellydance

We Got Skills to Play the Zills: Wildcard Signature Combos with Alternate Finger Cymbal Patterns:
Tired of the same old zill pattern?  Spice up your routine with these signature WildCard combos with alternate zill patterns. In this class we will show you techniques we use to make zills sound flawless. Soon your troupe will awaken the audience with these aural delights and the crowd will leave wondering why your performance left them feeling so revived.
Bring your zills.

Road Map to Music:
A music map is a visual picture of the structure of a song. In this workshop we will show you how to create a music map and use it to learn the musical phrases, cues, breaks and endings. We will also break down some of our signature WildCard ending combos, using them with the music map in order to perform as dynamically as possible to the music. Please bring a notebook and pen, regular dance class attire and your finger cymbals.

Practical Guide to Herding Cats:  WildCard BellyDance’s guide on how to run a (fun)ctional troupe!:
As we all know, getting several women to all agree on the same thing can be a bit like herding cats. So how does a troupe manage to not only come together, and work together, but stay together? As a troupe that’s been happily dancing together for over a decade, in this workshop we will share with you the techniques we use to communicate both on and off the dance floor. Learn to navigate the occasionally bumpy road that all sisterhoods travel with the tools to come out even stronger on the other side. Bring your notebook, zils, and any questions you may have!

Deuces Wild/Three of a Kind:
In this workshop we will focus on taking some of our favorite signature moves and break down some fun variations specifically for duets and trios. We will share our improv secrets to flawless facing, passing and circling your dancers within small formations.  As always our moves are ATS®friendly.