Madame Onça, aka Onça O’Leary, is a career entertainer based on the East Coast. She travels internationally, teaching and performing dance, torch-songs, and stagecraft. Madame Onça produced the seminal TribOriginal: Tribal Dance, Music & Culture Camp for seven years. She continues the work of raising the bar and creating community with her long-standing ABSfest: the Americana Burlesque & Sideshow Festival in Asheville, NC, and the Virginia Burlesque & Sideshow Festival now in its second year in Richmond, VA. She owned a dance studio and folk-art center in Asheville, for seven years, directed an award-nominated dance company, and has traveled broadly as a solo artist, with the Mezmer Society and with the Accidental Circus. She is also an internationally published artist and author, with work translated into Spanish.

Classes with Madame Onça

Aging in Bellydance Panel:
A lively discussion on all aspects of what it means to be an old fart in the arts.

Tarot for Bellydancers; History, Herstory and How-To:
Tarot is an empowering, intuitive tool for self-awareness, rich with women’s history. Emerging from centuries of tradition and superstition, the tarot is also evolving with the times, as artists and readers work to deconstruct systemic racism and the gender binary. Let’s explore the history of the cards, with special focus on their role as a barometer of cultural values. We can explore this nonhierarchical approach to the cards with a practical ‘kitchen witch’ spread to close.
Bring your decks to show and tell!