Karolina Lux is a theatrical belly dancer based out of the Pacific Northwest. She has performed and taught at festivals and studios, nationally and internationally, from Caravanseray (Vienna), to the Americana Burlesque & Sideshow Festival (Asheville, NC). She has over 12 years of intensive training with some of the most renowned traditional Middle Eastern dance artists and some of today’s most progressive fusion innovators, and has developed a diverse curriculum of her own from her dynamic artistic history. Karolina has been seen working with internationally acclaimed touring act, Beats Antique; Zoe Jake’s House of Tarot; the touring circus extravaganza, March Fourth Marching Band; Vagabond Opera; dance and variety festivals around the world, and writes music for her own band and dance project, Sepiatonic. She is a burlesque artist, belly dancer, trumpet player, vocalist, with training in ballet, jazz, contemporary, waacking, tutting and other street styles, swing dance, acrobatics, and theater. Her years of experience as an actress and in vaudeville productions add extensive experience to her theatrical dance workshops and performances. Karolina has also appeared performing and teaching on a number of DVDs from Hollywood Music Center and Cheeky Girls Productions. For more about Karolina and her projects, please visit her website at www.karolinabellydance.com, and Sepiatonic at www.ThisIsSepiatonic.com

Classes with Karolina Lux

Use Control to Lose Control:
In this choreography workshop, I use a choreography with the intention of learning how to balance control in our lives as artists, to illustrate using our core engagement on stage. How do we convey wild release in performance, while still being in control and not spinning off the stage? How do we maintain inspired abandon and fiery creativity in our lives as artists while still having to take care of business? Through learning in dance, we learn information about how to live our lives! This choreography workshop is almost all movement. There is relevant, technical work and underlying sentiment, but dancers will be spinning, popping, grinding, leaping, and sweating through this workshop with the punch of modern and hip-hop influences. Be prepared to work on your core, consistency of turns, your lines on stage…and getting down with your bad self! The choreography is to music from an upbeat, techno brass ensemble. ‘Nuff said!

Read Between the Lines:
This workshop is focused lines and posture clinic! One of the trickiest things to nail in our performance artistry is lines. But this is also the element that gives our technique professional finesse, and the energy to captivate and convey various moods, emotions, and intentions with more conviction. We will work on alignment from head to toe, work through a focused stretching and conditioning series, do across-the-floor drills, a ballet warm up, review ballet/jazz/modern vocabulary words and moves, and integrate all the ideas in to a few fun combos to take home and work with. Be prepared to work out your mind and body hard. This class will be nerding out to the nitty gritty of getting the most from your movement.

Look Alive! Theatrical Expression for Belly Dancers:
In vaudeville and burlesque dance theater, everything is larger than life! You can get silly and push your expressions to new extremes! This workshop will focus on addressing your face as a whole aspect of your dance that is sometimes neglected. It will use a series of facial warm-ups, drills to relax your whole body, and leave you connecting to a natural, more dynamic presence on stage. This workshop is structured as a clinic, using the “4 C’s of Noting You’re Emoting” to target common trouble-spots in belly dance performance expressions. Throughout the course, students will also begin to explore the realms of character development and “story-telling” in their dance performances.