Doug Adamz began composing music to Arabic rhythms and percussion in 1974 at age twenty three, when he met De Ann, ‘The Dream Dancer’ in San Francisco.  Prior to that he had been a folk-singer, rock & roller, songwriter, and classical guitarist/music major.  When De Ann heard him working in a recording studio in 1976 she said, “I want you to record the music you play for me.”  Thus began the creation of the album Dream Dancer and the group Light Rain.

Dream Dancer was recorded in the winter of 1977 and released on vinyl early in 1978.  Said to be the first album of music for belly dancing composed and recorded entirely by Americans, it embodied a unique, new sound.  That sound was soon discovered and embraced by dancers around the world, including Gerald Arpino of the Joffrey Ballet, who set a dance to some selections by Adamz and fellow composer, Russ Gauthier.  The Joffrey’s Light Rain became known as Arpino’s signature work.

Dream Dancer  helped set the stage for an avalanche of music labeled “New Age” and later “World Beat”.  Light Rain followed up with their albums Dream Suite (featuring guest artists The Kronos Quartet), and Valentine to Eden.  After a long break from their mid-eastern musical explorations, Light Rain burst back into the world-beat arena with the powerful and exotic CD; Dark Fire in 1994.

Light Rain’s music has been used by The San Francisco Ballet, The Oakland Ballet, The Oklahoma City Ballet and The Aspen/Santa Fe Ballet. It was also featured in Robert Altman’s movie about The Joffrey Ballet, “The Company”, and on two Spanish television series, and in DVDs by many belly dance stars (Amaya, Mesmera, Delilah, Suzanna Del Vecchio and Neon just to name a few).  Adamz has collaborated on recordings by Desert Wind and Gypsy Caravan.

 Mysterious and romantic, Light Rain’s music sings to the gypsy in each of our souls.  With their unique hybrid of Arabic and American musical sensibilities, they have indeed made a niche of their own in this diverse musical world we live in.

Classes with Doug Adamz

Music For The Dancers:
We’re going to learn tunes work on improvisation, composition, connecting with the dancer, basic rhythms for belly dance, supporting a dance performance, Q&A.