An internationally sought-after teacher and performer, April Rose’s 16 year-long bellydance career includes such accomplishments as being a former principal dancer in Bellydance Superstars and UNMATA. April has a Masters degree in Dance Studies from UCLA and a BA in Dance, for which she was trained in choreographic method, multiple dance techniques, and critical dance theory. A dynamic and encouraging teacher, April uses all these skills in her thoughtful, rigorous, and playful approach to teaching bellydance. She is especially focused on the history of bellydance, its transformative potential, and its malleability for creative innovation. April Rose was the first certified teacher in Amy Sigil’s ITS format, she tours internationally, and runs intensives and regular classes at her dance studio in Austin Texas, Rose Movement Studio (

Classes with April Rose

A Dance Worth Doing:
In this lecture and guided discussion, April Rose asks: “What is a dance worth experiencing?” In her findings, all worthwhile dances strive to have 3 vital components: Technique, Intellect, and Spirit. Participants learn the lofty concepts behind this triptych of elements and consider how their dancing is more than an aesthetic practice.We ask ourselves: how do we reconcile our brief human existence and the modern problems we face with this art form that is often perceived (by society, our families, and even ourselves) as frivolous or selfish? Why are we dancing at all? If you have ever wanted to quit dancing, if you find yourself falling out of love with movement, are unable to see how dance contributes to good in the world, this workshop is for you.

Inspiration India: Bharatanatyam & Rajasthani Inspired:
Learn a choreography that takes inspiration from basic steps in Classical Indian Dance and Indian Folk Dance.
After learning these movement selections in the way they were taught to April Rose in her collegiate Indian dance training, we will meld them into a bellydance-driven choreography. You will see how these original steps metamorphose after meeting bellydance technique and posturing to create a unique sequence of movement.-Intermediate/Advanced

Forming Self & Community Through Improv Tribal Style Bellydance:
Through her Masters research and choreographic analysis of the organizational structures of Improvisational Tribal Style, April Rose explores how engaging with this variation of bellydance encourages dancers to foster an expansive sense of self and form inter-subjective communities. ITS does not merely represent the idea of community, the dance form provides a framework through which communities are actually created, realized, and maintained in a way that depends on the individual agency and confidence of each of its members within her or his unique body.Lecture, video, and discussion

Timeless Bellydance:
*Bring Finger Cymbals
Learn an artfully arranged combination of tribal and raqs orientale movements, layered with sagaat patterns, to create a rooted and regal vision of bellydance that highlights the essential principles of this dance form and spans across sub-genre labels. In this dance we aim to distill the form down to its timeless trendless beauty. -Intermediate