General FAQ

Things You Need To Know First:

✦ There is no main show, both now have live music as well as recorded. Both shows contain teachers and “stars”, the list of performers will be posted early January.
✦ LUNCH and BREAKFAST: There is a healthy, yummy restaurant in convention area of the hotel that you can either order lunch at. There will be a quality breakfast buffet each morning.
✦ TribalCon means Tribal CONvention which is why we do not sell individual workshops, we want people to CONvene all in the same place and interact. 90% of TribalCon’s attendees are there for the entire weekend, only 10% purchase day passes, and someday I hope it is 100%!
✦ TribalCon-nect! Join the Official FaceBook Group to meet other Attendees, ask our community any questions you have, plus to look for ride and room shares.

What is TribalCon?

TribalCon is au courant in belly dance festivals produced by Awalim, Atlanta’s own Tribal Belly Dance Company. Since the first TribalCon in 2005, the annual event has drawn hundreds of dancers and musicians from all over the world, completely selling out each all shows and workshops each year!

TribalCon is the Southeast’s favorite place for Tribal dance and music workshops. We are also your main one stop shopping for tribal jewelry, music, props, and costumes with two rooms of vendors. This four day conference brings dancers and musicians together in an award winning format of classes, shopping, discussions, performances, and friendship. Our goal is to bring the most influential Tribal instructors and musicians to the Atlanta area.

When and where will TribalCon take place?

TribalCon XIII will be held over the weekend of April 6-9, 2017 at the Atlanta Marriott Century Center 2000 Century Boulevard NE Atlanta Georgia 30345. For complete information about the hotel, including MARTA access, click here.

Is TribalCon only about dance?

No! Besides workshops with outstanding dance instructors, TribalCon offers a music track with world-renowned musicians and panels for discussion with our instructors. We will also have a special keynote lecture on Thursday evening.

What’s TribalCon’s history?

Starting as a small, local event sponsoring Jill Parker and Heather Stants’ Spark Tour in 2005, TribalCon has grown exponentially each year to become one of the most popular events of its kind, attracting top-notch performers from all over. Workshops sell out each year, and the audience capacity has increased from an intimate, sold out show of 100 in 2005 to a full house of 450 people at last year’s show!
But the best reflection of all is the nomination by participants in Zaghareet Magazine’s People’s Choice awards. TribalCon won Best Event in 2006 and was nominated again in 2007. Thank you!

Can I attend the after party for the Friday and Saturday night shows even if I only bought a Friday, Saturday or Sunday pass?

Yes, just make sure you have your badge with you.

Are you going to mail me a ticket?

No, you will be sent nothing in the mail. You will check in for the workshops when you arrive at the TribalCon registration desk. Registration starts early Thursday evening in the front lobby of the hotel. You can also check in at the beginning of each day. Show tickets can be picked up when you check in for your workshops or before each show.

What is the address and phone number of the hotel?

Atlanta Marriott Century Center

2000 Century Boulevard NE
Atlanta Georgia 30345

(404) 325-0000

Where do I park?

The hotel has it’s own parking lot.

How much does parking cost?

Parking is absolutely free!

What classes are going to be taught at TribalCon 2017?

Visit the schedule page for class information.

When are the performances?

We have live and recorded music in BOTH shows.

There is no “Main Show”; both Friday and Saturday evening shows showcase our workshop instructors and popular performers from around the US. We will post the performers for each show around January. Each show is followed by a Hafla. A Hafla is a live music and dance party! The shows always sells out a few weeks before the event, so make sure you get your tickets online beforehand!

Will there be vendors?

Yes! And lots of them! Keep tabs on vendor updates on our Vendor page!

Am I allowed to take videos at TribalCon?

For classes please ask the teacher before videoing any portion.
Stay tuned about performance video information.

Am I allowed to take still pictures at TribalCon?

You can take pictures without using your flash during the show. Please ask any teacher or vendor before photographing them (its just polite, ya?).

What restaurants are around the hotel?

Click here for a Google Map of close restaurants. There is also a restaurant in the hotel, plus a cafe that sells coffee, sandwiches, etc. The hotel also has a list of restaurants nearby.

Can I write a check to pay for TribalCon?

If you would like to send a check/money order payment, you can send your payment in with a list of what you are registering for. Once we receive your check/money order payment, you will be registered and marked as paid. YOU ARE NOT REGISTERED UNTIL WE RECEIVE YOUR CHECK/MONEY ORDER.. Please make all checks payable to: Awalim Dance Company
Awalim Dance Company
PO Box 1394
Pine Lake, GA 30072

Please DO NOT make checks out to TribalCon!!!!

*We also offer payment plans of your choice when you register online. Just choose your payment plan at checkout, and you will be charged accordingly every month. Want to pay your balance off sooner? No problem! Just email Laura at

I paid for TribalCon with a check, but the payment has not gone through yet. Am I still registered?

Yes, as long as we receive your check by March 31, 2017 you will still be registered. However, if you feel as though your check may have been lost in the mail please contact us. Be sure to let us know your name (or the one that is registered within our database) and the amount of the check.

How do I register for TribalCon?

All Workshop Passes, etc. are available for purchase through the Home Page of the website or here. Just add to your cart!

How do I get a refund?

There are no refunds unless the event is canceled. If you have paid and are unable to attend you can go to our Facebook page and post that you have workshop spots to sell; also contact us since we may have someone who has just contacted us about wanting to attend. The passes are always at a premium in January and February because the event sells out early and people are looking for any extra passes! When you sell your spot please contact us with their name, address, phone number and email address to replace yours in the database and so they have an event badge with their name and city on it. If you sell yours after we close online registration, then they will just check in under your name since the badges will already be printed.

What grocery stores and/or natural food stores are near the hotel?

Kroger – 1.8 miles
3855 Buford Highway Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30329

ALDI – 1.9 miles

Bismillah Supermarket – 2.1 miles

Publix Super Market at

Where is the closest MARTA station (public transportation)?

Brookhaven Station