Please read the Vendor FAQ before applying!

2017 Vendor Application

We do jury the selection of vendors each year so that there is not too much duplication of wares. Not only do we want to provide our attendees with a wide variety of shopping but we want everyone to have good sales! We are at the Atlanta Marriott Century Center this year which has a lovely restaurant, a bar and FREE PARKING.
  • We do not provide any racks and the hotel only has a certain amount of tables so earlier applicants get first dibs.
  • Please select the size of table that you would prefer. Please consider the size of the spot you have chosen when selecting tables (a 16 foot table will only fit in a spot that is four 6x6 spaces wide)
  • If you have other requests that are not listed above, please note them here. (Such as needing tables of 2 different sizes.)